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What sets Woodfords UK apart from the rest?

01. In-depth experience

Woodfords UK has been trading since 1992 and has in that time built many excellent relationships with suppliers to ensure we can always offer the highest quality parts at the most competitive prices.

02. Highest levels of customer service

We pride ourselves on customer service no matter what the requirement – whether you're a one-off customer buying a single power tool or a long-term customer with a trade account, we value you all to the same extent.

03. Versatile and Agile approach

Our range of services are orientated around industries that require flexible solutions, an agile approach and customer service that serves your business's needs no matter what the requirement.

04. Quality guaranteed

Woodfords UK is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified giving you the peace of mind that our staff, working practices, suppliers and parts are of the highest standards and quality.

05. Wide range and variety

Through our partnerships with suppliers and others we are able to source and supply over 13 000 different consumables, tools and spares across our core client sectors, meaning you can rely on us to find what you need.

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