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We offer a wide range of bespoke Vending Solutions which make your business more efficient and profitable by reducing the cost and usage of consumables by up to 25%.


Full automation reduces the time spent buying in and ordering consumables and, with full visibility, you know who is using your products and how much is being used.

Our Vending Solutions

The Edge


This model of vending machine is ideal for use with smaller consumables. It can hold a large number of items and can be tailored to suit your needs. It will comfortably hold cutters, tips, drill bits, screwdriver bits, PPE, abrasives and much more.


The unique feature of this system is that your users are issued with user access to allow product selection. The user enters what item they want and only that item dispenses.  


It is captured on the fully automated system that is included with each machine and allows access to usage reports as well as a host of other information.


The Axcess Locker

The Axcess Locker vending machine is ideal for bulkier items that would not fit into an Edge system.


The Locker controls the use of PPE such as gloves, masks, hard hats, goggles and more. The unique setup allows us to ensure that the locker meets your needs exactly and holds the products you want to include.


As with the Edge, it is fully user activated and can have items removed or replaced at any time.  Due to the user activation, you can monitor who has used the items, when they were taken and when they were replaced.


As with the Edge, it can be run completely independently or linked to our system for seamless ordering and replenishment. Based on the information gathered by the vending machine, we can supply usage information, cost analysis and more for your business.


The Actylus

The Actylus is a unique system for managing small consumable items like Fixings, Fasteners etc. The Actylus works on a system of weight sensor bins, with two bins per slot and an unlimited number of slots available.


As the front bin reduces in stock, at a set point, an alert is sent to prompt replenishment to our system, and when the front bin is empty it is removed and placed at the back and the full bin drops forward.


This allows you to know exactly how many items are in each bin at the touch of a button and gives you seamless management of your smaller consumable consumption.

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