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Woodfords are specialists in providing consignment solutions to businesses, helping your operations to continue seamlessly without having to worry about running low on stock of consumables, or long lead times for items you have ordered.  


We offer ideal solutions for all companies, no matter the size, helping you reduce downtime, reduce the cost of consumables and plan your logistics and stock flow more easily.


How we assess your Consignment needs


Firstly we visit your business to get a clear understanding of the products you use and what your requirements are.


Once we have done an assessment with you, we put together a list of items that we are able provide on consignment to your business.


We will supply the agreed lines at the agreed prices to you free of charge and will only invoice you once an item has been used. This allows you to hold stock of all items you need without having to incur stocking costs upfront.


How does Consignment work?


Our consignment solutions are simple, effective and designed to save you money and time.


  • With you we agree a list of stock that you will require, set the pricing and deliver your stock.

  • We open an account for you to help the ordering, replenishing, accounting and invoicing process run smoothly.

  • Stock checks are carried out on an agreed interval, normally weekly or two weekly, adn items used are invoiced and replenished. 


We will conduct on-site inventory checks from time to time to ensure all levels are accurate and to review your usage and requirements.


This allows us to monitor your usage closely so that, where possible, we are able to recommend alternative products, leading to a cost saving or an efficiency benefit to you.

How do I get Consignment Stock?


The first step is to give us a call or send us an email.  We will visit you and conduct an assessment on your requirements and current usage, products etc.  Once we have completed the assesment, we will agree a stock list with you.


Once agreed, we will finalise an installation date, this can be as quick as one week, and deliver the consignment stock to you, depending on your chosen solution.

Depending on your usage we may supply you with a cupboard to hold the stock in or we can use your current storage facility, however this will be discussed and decided upon during the assessment. 


Give us a call on 01932 851 444 and one of our team can arrange an assessment for you at your convenience with no obligation.

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